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Designing the Orthopaedic Institute for Children Website

Creation of this Website
During the Fall 2012 semester at the University of Southern California (USC), 18 dedicated students from Professor Nitin Kale's Engineering Database Applications (ITP 482) class redesigned the Orthopaedic Institute for Children website to make it easier to manage for staff members. The semester was spent learning to design a responsive, modern, database driven website. The students designed a replacement website and finished the semester by presenting it to key administrators and employees at OIC. The picture shown includes the students, staff members, and Professor Kale at this end-of-semester presentation.

The students of ITP 482 would like to thank Professor Kale, Mary Beth Perrine, Bruce Keelan, as well as others who helped make this collaboration possible. 

To contact any of the students or others involved, please e-mail Professor Nitin Kale at

Student Designers

  • Dushyant Singh (Teaching Assistant)
  • Katherine Breiding
  • Prateek Garg (Project Manager)
  • Kyle Goguen
  • Nathalie Goh-Livorness
  • Constance Hiller
  • Clemon Mengting Jiang
  • Parker Jung
  • Christophe Kolandjian
  • Edward Kusuma
  • Prad Malyala
  • Kyle Nauman
  • Shilpa Rajgopal
  • Radian Risjad
  • Stanley Su
  • Eric Runbei Wan
  • Sophie Fei Xu
  • Rowena Ruoyun Zhu