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Using finite element analysis to study the biomechanics of orthopaedic implants and musculoskeletal tissues, to develop improved implant designs and treatment methods.

 Determining the combined effects of mechanical stimulation and pharmacological agents on the rate and quality of healing of bone fractures and other injuries of the musculoskeletal tissues.

Evaluation of wear and other factors that affect the long-term performance of orthopaedic implants during clinical use, including determining the nature of the local and systemic reactions to implants, wear particles and metal ions.

Recovery and characterization of wear particles produced by artificial joints and other implants, during laboratory testing and during use in the patient. Development of more wear resistant materials.

Evaluation of the friction and wear properties of existing bearing materials, and the development of more durable materials for the hip, knee and spinal disc replacements.

Design, development and evaluation of implants used in joint replacement, trauma and spinal stabilization.